The Deependence Rec is created by a team of guys born and grown in the Music’s world. “Deependence” comes from the requirement to enclose in the name our roots, what we are, our style own in order to represent our unrestrainable dependency from the ” deep” , style in which we acknowledge. All this is expressed moreover from ours logo where characters, colours and symbols have been studied purposely for giving visual sharpness that of it receives at the same time the full load mean. Our musical style the ” deep” exactly is meant also with some of its shadings minimal or house as an example .The ” Deependence Rec” it is born above all in order to satisfy the requirements of own inventor which by now with a cumulus of baggages of experience and even with more insight, it gives with this label a key of new, fresh reading and always be in the van for the music of the new millenium.

Moreover we boast of artists who are boys and girls already asserted in musical contexts, talents (outside from the norm) with a background of remarkable experiences that start from the performances in the best national clubs till to arrive at collaborations with the best organizations of the field. Thanks to the acquaintances matured in the years of experience in the world of music the ” Deependence Rec” it is based on an immense advertising net that concerns on the performances of its own artists in the several national clubs of our competence. The first of many objectives is being able to have a large following .Our purposes are to create a net of business that starts from the origin in studio with its consequent production the track till its point of arrival: ” the club”.

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